Simplify supply chain risks with AegisWard verification services

Our supply chain verification audits provide objective evidence that helps improve compliance, determine risk and identify improvement opportunities

Supplier Verifications

Manage supplier risk and rationalize purchases

As a buyer, you need to manage information, regulations and risks in national and global procurement supply chains to ensure consistent procurement processes.

Aegisward is here to help. Our supplier verification services will help you manage and mitigate risk, while streamlining your sourcing strategy, and reducing your bottom line and associated efforts.

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Regulatory and Quality System Audits and Surveys

Confirm initial or ongoing compliance

Aegisward performs the examination of supplier systems, processes and procedures to determine compliance with a regulation or law.

We can also asses a complete system or sub-system to determine whether activities and results comply with quality management standards and are implemented effectively to achieve all objectives.

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Commercial Partner Verifications

Have peaces of mind in potential joint venture or strategic alliance partners

Nowadays, strategic alliances and joint ventures have become common strategy to businesses. They have many benefits in gaining capabilities, accessing new markets and sharing financial risk.

However, trust is an essential part of the equation. Aegisward can supply complete commercial partner verifications to assure you that your commercial partner is absolutely trustworthy.

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Business Certifications Consulting

We help companies to thrive by becoming certified

Aegisward provides business certification consulting to startups, small business and big corporations. Our experts can develop a plan to achieve the best certification for any given product or service in the market.

Through proprietary educational materials and practice aides explicitly designed to develop proficiency in the specialized area of interest, you can rest assure that your business will be certified by the best in the industry.

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